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The One Simple Thing You Need to do Today to Grow Your Blog

Ever wish you could get the push button for getting things done? You know, Just go straight to that ONE THING that works and forget about everything else?.

What if  i tell you that there is just One Thing which if done well, every other thing will fall into place? Well here is your chance. 

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6 Warning Signs That You’re a Selfish Blogger And How It Can Harm Your Blog

selfish blogger

Wikipedia defined selfishness as placing concern with one’s self or one’s own interest above the well-being or interest of others and, Encarta dictionary defined it as having concern with your own interest, needs and wishes while ignoring those of others. If you’re with me, you will see that the two definitions are the same. You will also agree with me that we all are bound to be selfish from time … [Read more...]

Interesting! This is what the Internet May look like In The Future


Change they say is constant. Nothing will always remaining the same in life except the words of God. I still remember few years ago when all you have to do was to create a simple page, add as much keywords as you can to it, build as many links as you can also and you will start ranking in Google while making lots of money. Those days when there was nothing like Google's Panda, Pengium, EMD updates … [Read more...]

Simplified Methods to Earn More Than $500 Monthly Building Niche Sites

niche sites

I have a guest here today and it’s someone I met few months ago and since then, we've become good friends, this is because we share the same interest. We've also been sharing ideas together as far as building niche sites is concerned. I'm talking of Ndy Wills and he is here to teach you what he knows about building successful niche sites. So Ndy over to you.Thank you Theodore. Obviously there … [Read more...]

An Important Question For Bloggers: Do You Love Blogging?


Blogging is a full time job and if you’re not highly motivated, you will find it very difficult because, it’s not easy at all. We all know that blogging cannot be everyone’s business and if everyone is to do it then, it will end up becoming a child’s play….. Don’t you agree with me?So, it’s only meant for those who are seriously minded and those who are highly inspired. To be frank with you, … [Read more...]

How Lack of Communication Can Ruin any Relationship: Even Blogging


To be honest with you, I never knew I will be able to update this blog again this week because of the distractions here, other jobs and most of all….. A little lack of interest. I know this might sound weird to you judging by the fact that you don’t expect me to say that but, I'm telling you the truth.You know what they said that “Lack of communication brings about the downfall of any … [Read more...]

No: I Didn’t Run Away and I’m Not Planning To

run away

Hmmmmmm, I feel so happy to interact with you guys again today, it has really been a long time since I updated this blog last and I know that some of you will be wondering what's wrong.Some will even think that I've joined the tire kickers who normally blog for awhile and then quit but, that is far from the truth. I've been around and I'm not trying to run away soon at least, not now. It's just … [Read more...]

Self-Motivation: How to Use it to Achieve Blogging Success | self motivation


I feel so good to be here again today and this is because I've greatly missed you guys. If I'm correct, its been over a month now since the last time i published an article here. However, i want you to know that it was not my own doing and i never thought i will be away for that long else, i would have given you a notice before hand.I've been so busy with many things lately of which i will tell … [Read more...]

Attention: Is The Facebook Recent Fan Page Update Affecting You? Here is What to Do


In today's post, I will be discussing you with about the recent changes on Facebook which we should have known by now, how it affects bloggers and what to do about it. I wouldn't like to waste your time on the introduction so, let’s get to the main thing at once.However, you might have been aware of some of the things I will mention here today but believe me, you’ll learn a lot by the time you … [Read more...]

Top 11 Important Ingredients Every Blog Post Cannot Survive Without (You’ll Love #1 & 9)

blog posts

There are things that make up a great blog posts that people will like to share and if you want your own posts to also become great then, it’s your duty to figure out those characteristics. The truth is that if you take a look at all the blog posts on the internet today that got lots of shares and even comment, you will see that they all have few things in common. And you know the … [Read more...]

How Content Marking Impacts Your Search Engine Rankings

content marketing

Happy new week to you, 2014 St Valentine's day is gone and I'm sure you enjoyed it in full as for, I was at home throughout that Friday but I equally had some fun though. In today's post, I want to tell you some awesome things that I'm sure will interest you. So make sure you read this post to the end:).The online world is constantly ev0lving and I'm sure we all are already aware of that. Some … [Read more...]

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