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Effective Guest Posting Strategies that works like Magic

In my recent post, I shared with us How to use Guest Posting to increase your blog traffic. Let’s consider today’s post as a continuation Guest Posting Strategiesof the previous one. Therefore, we will be covering a few Guest Posting Strategies that you can start using today to boost your audience.


It is of no doubt that Guest positing has become the best way to drive targeted traffic a blog and also to build quality backinks back to your blog. In case you don’t know already, guest posting is the best now and should be taking serious, so we all need to map out the best guest posting strategy that we know will perform wonders for us if we really want to remain on the train.


You know what they say that Change is Constant, and if you refuse to adapt to it, it will take you unaware; therefore everything is changing now in the blogosphere. With the previous and recent google update, it is obvious that search traffic is becoming more annoying and disappointing as days goes by, it is therefore pertinent that we follow the trend and focus on other methods of promoting our blog instead of trying to please a common script. Even if every other traffic and backlinking sources should close, guest posting has always and will continue to be active as far as I am concern.


In my last post on guest posting, one of my readers asked me about the best guest posting strategies one can implement, that is why I decided to shade more light on the topic.


Below are my best Guest Posting Strategies that anyone can copy today to enhance his blog readership.

1. Study your Audience.

Guest blogging if done correctly can be a great way to help build up your brand, earn recognition, and even get some great links back to your site. When guest, blogging it’s therefore very important to study your audience so that you can produce the best content possible. Exceptional content is often heavily shared and that has huge potential value for your site.

2. Research your Topic very well

This is really important if you really want your guest to be accepted. You need to deliver very interesting articles to be considered. The guest post guidelines are usually strict for these blogs, so you need to know the topic you intend writing on.


By researching carefully, you will be able to write a very informative article that the blogger will find very difficult to reject. Proper research has a lot to do with reading other blogs. Remember, it’s not just the keywords that matter, but the motives behind those key terms.


Keywords are critical for SEO, but to land a great article on A-list blog, you need to write quality content, that’s what count and the “available” traffic could be yours.


Also remember to craft out attractive and Informative headline for your post. This is very very important as it will also determine if your post will be accepted or rejected.

3. Find Blogs that accepts Guest Post.

Once you have researched the topic you want to cover and you have actually crafted out some top-notch articles, then next step is to find out which blogs you are going to submit your post to.


You will always find many choices in your niche, but you need to decide which ones you are going to use. There can be many restrictions to decide and here are few of those which I look for:

PR Rank


You should be looking for PR rank or other similar ranks for the blog. You should not only look for main page rank, you should also look at what ranking their internal pages get. Your post will eventually become an internal page of that blog and will give a backlink to your blog.


It is also of utmost important that you guest post on blogs that are similar to your niche. If your niche is on Internet Marketing, it will be useless to submit a post at a health related niche blog. Therefore, you must always guest post on niches that are related to your own.


Once you’ve seen one, check if they accept guest posts. You can find out by checking if they have a page that says Guest post, Write for us or other similar words. Go through their guest posting rules and then submit your post to them and wait for their response telling you if your post is accepted or rejected. Below are some of the blogs in the Internet marketing niche that accept Guest Posts.

  • www.webincomejournal.com
  • www.probloggingsuccess.com
  • www.problogger.net
  • www.johnchow.com
  • www.amazingbloggers.net
  • www.copyblogger.com
  • www.webuildyourblog.com
  • www.extramoneyblog.com
  • www.cumluv.com
  • www.smartbloggerz.com
  • www.youngprepro.com
  • www.itechcode.com


Visit any of the above sites and check out their guest posting guide lines and then reach out to them and submit yours today.


4. Promote your Guest Post.

Guest posting

Once your post has been accepted and published, you also need to promote it. Although not everyone does this as its not mandatory, but it is still very necessary. There are many ways of doing this, you can….

  • Link to it from your blog.
  • Promote it on twitter (many times).
  • Share it on facebook.
  • Send out newsletter to your email list about it.
  • Thank the person.



5. Track Your Guest Post

Yes, you also need to track your guest post. You included backlinks in your guest post and you need to track how much traffic you got from that host blog.


Finally, don’t just read this post for reading sake; you need to get to work immediately. Go out there now and start putting everything you have read into practice. What I assure you is that if you take these Guest Posting Strategies serious, your blog traffic and popularity will never remain the same again.


Further reading on Guest Posting Strategies.

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It might also interest you to watch this wonderful video below, i found it interesting.


My first guest post has been accepted and published, you can read it Here

Please leave your comments below and maybe even share some of your own guest blogging strategies with us.


Photo Credit: Search Engine People Blog’s photostream  www.extramoneyblog.com

About Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.


  1. Thank you for giving this very nice tip on link building which is about Guest Posting. I havenot done it yet for my website but will definitely try this. I just have here a question. Is the webmaster obligated to make the links from the guest’s post to be do follow ? What if the webmaster edited the guest post and didnot include the links. Or, make substitute those links with his own links?

    • Thanks Ben,
      I’m glad you like the post, Yea most webmasters do allow up to two links to your blog while some will accept one link to your blog and about two to others blogs provided the links does not point to an affiliate offer. The only thing that can make them to unlink your link is if you go against the rule. That is if you include an Affiliate offer or any other form of promotion.

      It is always good to check out their Guest posting guidelines before deciding if you can do it.

      Hope I’ve answered your comment Ben, feel free to ask more if need be.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Theodore

    I’ve recently started exploring guest posting as well and have had my first one accepted too!

    Great minds think alike.

    I had been asked to write a post my the website some time ago but never felt ready to provide anything.

    It wasn’t as difficult as I expected. I agree that you need to research your topic and study your audience though.

    There’s no point in writing something that is unrelated to what the blog is about as it just won’t get published.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!


  3. Hi Theodore,

    Guest blogging is definitely a proven was for bloggers not only to drive traffic but also to brand themselves. Unfortunately, many who do guest blogging are really getting it wrong especially in the area of promotion. Many will simply submit their guest posts and once it has been accepted and published that is the end! They never care to even tweet it nor promote it to their online contacts.

    I think there is still much that many who are guest posting today need to learn. Thanks for these tips.
    Chadrack recently posted…Google’s Disavow Tool: Is Google Doing More Harm Than Good?My Profile

  4. Great tips Theodore. When I first started my blog I was asked to write several guest posts for some small blogs. The traffic was small and I lost interest in guest posting.

    About year two of my blog I guest posted on Pick the Brain and was getting several hundred visitors to my blog a day from that.
    Justin Mazza recently posted…HostGator Offering 40% OFF All Hosting Plans (First Invoice) and $5 domain names!My Profile

    • Thanks and welcome to my blog Justin,
      Yea just like any other thing in life, sometimes we try and fail but its not a criteria for us to give up. So guest posting might not work for some people the first time but consistency is the key here.

      Thanks for coming and hope to see you often.

  5. Hi Theodore,
    Great tips/strategies for guest posting! One thing I like about guest posts is that they can serve as an additional new voice to any blog. What I just do not like about some guest posts is that the ones who wrote them sometimes do not take the time to reply to comments made there. They just write for that blog, and leave the owner to do the replying.

    I’ll head over to your guest post and leave you a message there too. Thanks for sharing!
    Felicia recently posted…Cabdriver Found $221k In the Back Seat of His VanMy Profile

    • Thanks for checking out my guest post Felicia,
      And thanks for being an active reader on my blog, don’t worry, i will give you a gift one of these days. Yea guest posting can be very effective if done well. Replying to comments is one of the major rules of most webmasters that accepts guest posts and if after your post has been published and you ignore the comments, it might result to your guest posts not been accepted next time, so its good you follow the guide lines.

      Felicia, is there anything that you’re finding difficult on your blog that you think i may be of help? Just ask.

      Thanks ones again friend.

  6. I really enjoy guest posting. I have just started blogging again after a 6 month hiatus and I look forward to guesting on other blogs. I agree that it is a really good way to get some attention of other audiences that would otherwise never visit your blog.
    Ralph recently posted…How To Wake Up Early Without Hating It : My 3 A.M. ExperimentMy Profile


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