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To My Blogging Buddies: Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Merry Christmas my good friend. How did you enjoy the Christmas celebration yesterday? Did you go out or were you indoors? As for me, i really had fun and, i was at home throughout the day spending time with my family. Did you travel to your village or, are you celebrating in town? Please, tell me in the comment section.

To be honest with you, it still amazes me how fast 2013 ran, i don’t know about you but, i still finds it difficult to believe that we’re almost entering 2014. But be it as it may, it has happened and, we have to take it like that.

If you’re like me then, you will know that its time to get more serious and start making accurate plans on how to better our lives for the better. 2013 is now about to pass us by and, you have to start thinking of the way you spent it. Are you really happy about the things you did and the things you did not do in 2013? I think its a question you have to answer me on the comment section below.

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Now, mistakes are one thing we cannot avoid all the time and, i know for sure that many of us made some mistakes in 2013 that we wished we never did but, the main thing now is to be aware of those mistakes and to also know how to correct them in 2014 so that you don’t repeat them again.

As for me, I’m very happy the way 2013 ended at least, i will call it my best year ever:). Though, there are some things i wished i never did and also those i wished i did this passing year but, i truly learnt from my mistakes and in fact, i will call 2013 my learning year if you don’t mind:). So, i think its time we get more serious in whatever we’re doing so that 2014 will be even better.

God is The Ultimate

I want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty for all his protection, guidance, infinite mercies and all the other things he did for us starting from the 1st day of January 2013 till date and for all the ones he is yet to do. God is so great and i know that nothing can be achieved in life without him.

To be honest with you, if i start counting all the wondrous things he did for me this year, you will be very amazed. I know we’re all sinners and to think about it, we’re not even worthy or clean enough to mention his name but, he has been so good to you and me so, why don’t we thank him?,

Part of the things that God did for me and my family this year is that, as some of you has already know, my immediate younger sister whom i love so much is getting married:). Her Traditional marriage has been fixed for the 30th day of December, 2013 which is coming Monday.

I also want to use this opportunity to invite you to this great occasion if you’re close by and can attend but for the other of you who are in farer states and those outside the country, i will update you on how it all went later and will also send you your share of the goodies:). All I’m praying for now is for God to bless this union with fruits of the womb and other good things that makes life better. I’m also praying for God to help us and make that occasion a success, i also need your prayers on this.

So because of all these, i say may all Glory, Honour, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Majesty and Power be unto God now and forever more in Jesus name…….Why not say amen?

I also pray that his protection and mercies continue being with us in this new year (2014) and beyond, may any plans of the enemies against our lives, business and all our undertakings not prevail…. Amen.

You’re also Awesome

You’re also very awesome and, i know Top Blogging Coach wouldn’t have being a success without you so, I’m tanking you again. As far as blogging is concerned, i see all of us as one family and as 2014 is approaching, lets continue being there for each other.

I will not be mentioning names in this post as I’ve already done that when i celebrated my birthday on September 2013 but, i can’t end this post without remembering all your supports once again.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you:) I want to let you know that i so much love and cherish you so please, accept my candid appreciations.

And, may 2013 be better than all the other years for us, may everything we lay our hands on in 2014 prosper in Jesus name…… Amen. Yes, I’m not a pastor but, God said that…… Whatever you asked in my name with faith, you will get. So, i know that God will grant my prayers if you also believe.


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About Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

The Discussion

  1. Hi Theodore,

    Congratulations indeed! This is certainly wonderful news :)

    That’s such a lovely picture of your sister, and may He bless her. Yes, marriage is the time when two people tie the bond of love, though in a traditional marriage, love happens later. Perhaps not nowadays, but I talk of the old times. We pray for her happiness and lovely married life ahead, and with such a loving brother, there is no doubt that she will have one for sure.

    Have a lovely trip to your place, and don’t worry about things this end…they always carry on, whether you are there or not – such is life. Wishing you a Happy New Year, well in advance :)

    • Thanks a million times Harleena,
      The ceremony was indeed great and, I thank God for everything. Thanks for your wonderful prayers too and, I’m also wishing you and your family all the good things life can afford this year and always.

      Happy new year

  2. Hello Theodore,

    First of all congrats about your sister marriage fix :) And indeed god is great as he did great wonders for us. Yes for me also so many things happened this year as far as blogging is concerned I’ve learned lot of things and earned quite good.

    May god bless you and your sister!


  3. Merry Christmas, Theodore :)

    Congrats to you for all the things you accomplished this year and congrats to your sister for her wedding :D Hope everything goes well!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Theodore. Hope you have a happy New Year!

    • Thanks Jeevan,
      I know that I also owes you a lot because, you’ve been very supportive to me and, I really appreciate that.

      My sisters marriage went real well and, I thank God for that.

      I’m sure this year will be a success for all of us and, I can’t wait to start reading your own posts so, when are you starting your blog?

  4. Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! At the end of this year, it is always important to most especially thank God for all the blessings we have received for the whole year. And send my best wishes also to your sister.

  5. Hi,
    For me also 2013 year is a amazing year,this year i made some mistake and i try avoid that mistake,but due to laziness and no seriousness i could not avoided.But coming year i won’t repeat this mistake.i wish you all the best for your sister marriage.next couple of days it is been really busy days for u.great weekend ahead.Thanks for sharing .


  6. Really great new mate, I think you’ve have lot of home works and you’ll be busy in your sister’s marriage. I hope to see you back with lot of stuff.

    Congrats about your sister marriage and Happy New Year.


  7. Happy New Year to you as well bro. I just can’t wait for Jan 1 as that day happens to be my birthday.

    Ohh! is that your sister? Please didn’t you tell her I wanted to marry her? Please let my rival know that I am going to beat him anytime I catch him!

    Hi dear (to the bride), please may God bless you and have a lovely marriage filled with joy and happiness!

    • Hahahaha Emmanuel,
      You never told me you wanted to marry my sister now at least, I would have loved her to follow you and enjoy that your blogging money :).

      Ok then, I will tell your rival to always hide whenever he sees you. Thanks a lot for your prayer and, happy 2014.

      BTW: I never knew that your birthday is on the new year…. Well, happy birthday in alias. Hope it was fun.

  8. Hello Theodore,

    Its not only you that firmly believe 2013 ran real fast! I had to ask my wife to be certain that we are indeed about to be done with 2013!

    Your sister is a beauty! I pray she finds success and joy in her marriage.

    2014 would be the best time so far to make friends, make money and achieve even greater success. What do you think?


    • Happy new year Akaahan,
      Indeed, 2013 was very fast but, thank God for everything though. Yea, I also believe that 2014 will be the best way so far and, I’m certain about that.

      Thanks for your prayers and, i wish you more money and happiness this year and always.

      My regards to your wife.

  9. Hi Theodore,

    I am not celebrating christmas by the way (I’m on different religion :) ). But some of my friends did and I congratulate them for that. Since Christmast is holiday, then it’s good time to meet with family.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you my friend

  10. Hello Theodore,

    I think your sister’s marriage and all stuff has been over. And I wish your and your sister good luck for the future and have a great time.

  11. Hi My man,

    How is things going at nmaku? But first let me start by returning all the praise to God for a successful Christmas. Though i miss my family but i must say that celebrating the Christmas with you and your family was one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I am still waiting for you to upload the pix so that our friends can see how joyous we were during the Christmas.

    Then as if that was not enough, God crowned the marriage of your sis with success. Once more i give you a congrats for every good thing that has happened to you last year and i pray that this year will be a great year of exploit for us all.

    Cheers, Philip.

  12. Seems like I’m bit late here, I’d like to congrats for your sister marriage and also happy new year. I hope every thing gone as you’ve planned.


  13. Hello Thodore,
    Your last year was indeed awesome. Let me say a big Happy New year… How was the wedding? I know it would be one hell of a show :).
    Any ways, Happy new year to yu bro

  14. Hello Thodore,
    i am late here but any ways happy new year and congrats to your all things.I wish you and your sister good luck for the future and have a great time.

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