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Want To Get Noticed In The Blogosphere? Write About WordPress Most Popular Topics

Merry Christmas in advance friend, hope you’re planning it big:). It might interest you to know that I’m already on my way to the village as I’m typing this, i wanna celebrate the season with my family so, i will be away for a while.

If you noticed, i didn’t publish any post at all last week and, its because i was so occupied with many things so, I’m sorry for being away. The post you’re about to read is a guest post from a friend and, I’m sure you will find it interesting. I will also publish on Thursday as usual after which i will take some break to come back on January 2014. So, lets read the post.

WordPress is the most widely-used open source blog platform in the world and users post millions upon millions of blog entries daily. Getting noticed on WordPress is hard enough, but what if you’re writing about one of the most popular blog topics online, too? Is there any hope anyone will ever read your blog entry?

Here are a few tips for getting noticed on WordPress when you’re trying to be heard among a sea of popular bloggers.


If you’re writing about TECHNOLOGY, GADGETS, or DEVICES…
Technology is by far the most popular blog topic on WordPress at the moment. First and foremost, when writing about tech products online you need to be specific. Don’t talk about your “new phone,” talk about the “Samsung Galaxy S 4” and exactly which features you like/don’t like. Another great way to set your posts apart is to include real-life photographs or screen shots. People searching for technology info either want tutorials or opinions…give some!

If you’re writing about TRAVEL…
Travel is an incredibly popular topic on WordPress because everyone with a smartphone considers themselves a travel photographer. The way to set yourself apart in this crowded industry is to do something different. Two great suggestions: write about places that aren’t already flooded with posts (i.e. instead of talking about your trip to Paris, talk about what there is to do in Cleveland.) Also, consider ways you can give advice, not just a recap of your trip. For example, write a “10 Best Things to Eat in the Charlotte Airport” post that people will find when they’re searching for specific help.

If you’re writing about MUSIC…
Music is tough enough to write about and even harder to get noticed in. One smart way to set your posts apart is to combine your music posts with another popular topic like photography or pop culture. For example, don’t simply review Beyonce’s new album, talk about how her new album is important in this particular time in pop culture – reference her feminism, her new platform, and her music videos.

If you’re writing about FOOD…
There are many different ways to food blog: recipes, restaurants, and overall foodie culture. The trick is realizing that no one gets all that excited reading about how food tastes because, well, they can’t taste it! You’ve got to do something different whether it’s using a LOT of sarcastic humor, taking many photographs of the ingredients pre-recipe, or even dealing with the science or nutrition of the food rather than the end result. The only way to set yourself apart in this crowded field is to do something pretty much no one else is doing which may take some time to research.

If you’re writing about SHOPPING…
The key to getting noticed in the fashion blogging industry is to become an expert on something. Maybe you only write about purses or perhaps you focus on clothing that’s sustainably made. Whatever you’re interested in, immerse yourself in that area and learn details no one else will take the time to learn. That’s the only way you’re going to create blog posts that are interesting and informational enough to get shared and read widely.

The key to cutting through the clutter is to do something no one else is doing. Whether it’s your format, your photos, or even your overall content, being a better blogger means having something readers can’t find anywhere else, even if that thing is your scathing sense of humor! Once you find out what you have to offer you’ll be able to blog more naturally.

Ryan Currie is a product manager at BizShark.com, with 5 years experience in online marketing and product development.  In addition to web related businesses, he also enjoys the latest news and information on emerging technologies and open source projects.

Photo Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net 

About Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Welcome to Theodore’s blog.

    A very useful article you did here.
    These tips will really help bloggers not to get lost in the sea of blogging since there are many people trying to be heard in the blogosphere.

    A different approach than the widely used one might be all one need to become the big fish in a small river “For example, don’t simply review Beyonce’s new album, talk about how her new album is important in this particular time in pop culture – reference her feminism, her new platform, and her music videos”.

    Thanks Theo and Ryan for this article.
    Okechukwu Philip recently posted…Installing Large Sized ThemeMy Profile

  2. Really great article mate! And the mentioned tips are really necessary to get noticed in the blogging crowd. As i tech blogger I always feel and search for awesome and new topics to cover but sometimes it’s really hard to get noticed. And I agree that writing about the trending topics like “Samsung galaxy s4″ will surely hit and get it viral.

    Itender Rawat recently posted…How To Convert Video Files to MP3 Free OnlineMy Profile

  3. Travel and food industry is the unique niche to start your blogging. If you are traveler then you should start sharing your travel experience with the world. Technology is the most toughest niche to rank well in search engines. To become a blogger, you should start posting about those niche in which you have Interest otherwise, your readers will not like your blog due to lack of experiences…
    Himanshu recently posted…WordPress Christmas & New Year Deals For 2013My Profile

  4. I agree that the above explained topics are popular with WordPress bloggers. More so, there is a place for “health” related topics. Blog readers come for topics centered around health, wealth, and happiness!

    Finding and defining a particular niche under any of these broad categories would help a blogger cut through the clutter!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com, the social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor for kingged.com


  5. i think people get things backwards, why would you want to work hard to get noticed in the Blogosphere ??
    why would i care if other bloggers notice me, trust me if you’re web/blog is big enough they’ll notice you and admire you on their own you won’t even have to do a thing.
    not that i like certain niches or consider them stupid but sadly the most majority of the people interests are not based on anything logical,
    Google is the largest search engine in the world, Youtube is the second, find out what are the most searched things ever and work with that, you’ll be driving insane amount of traffic enough to get you all the attention you need.
    Wordpress might be a popular topic among Bloggers but not for the majority of the internet users, you know what i mean ?
    Many thanks and Happy holidays!
    Mitch recently posted…Loading, Web Design Lebanon, full-service marketing and advertising companyMy Profile

  6. Hello,

    Well during these days in these crowd of blogosphere it’s really hard to get noticed by people. You’ve mentioned all the tips for all categories.

    Anil Kumar recently posted…Fotorus for PC or Windows Computer Download GuideMy Profile

  7. I am most comfortable in writing about recipes, most especially those that I’ve tried. Aside from it is more personal, I get to enjoy writing about them and sharing my thoughts about different kinds of foods that will please every palate.
    Connor Harley recently posted…Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  8. Hi Theodore,
    Topic like Technology and Gadget has so many big competitors !
    Blogging with music and food will be fun :)
    Shoukot recently posted…How To Add Recent Posts Widget To Blogger EasilyMy Profile

  9. I liked your post. Absolutely fantastic ways you mentioned here to gain promotion and limelight.
    Kaustav Banerjee recently posted…HTML CSS element selectorsMy Profile

  10. Great tips for every bloggers, This article gives tips for all blogging niches such a nice article. Now a days tech sites are in large numbers and it really very hard to bring a tech site to first place. Thanks for your article its really helpful


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