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Top 11 Important Ingredients Every Blog Post Cannot Survive Without (You’ll Love #1 & 9)

There are things that make up a great blog posts that people will like to share and if you want your own posts to also become great then, it’s your duty to figure out those characteristics. The truth is that if you take a look at all the blog posts on the internet today that got lots of shares and even comment, you will see that they all have few things in common.


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And you know the best way to succeed at anything is to do what the other people that have done it successfully did and if you do it well, you will certainly get the same result if not better than they did. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here so without much ado, let me get to the main points. I promise you that this post will be as short as possible:).

These Things Make Up a Great Post

1.Craft a Magnetic/Attractive Headline: I used this as the first step because your headline is always the first thing that will determine if the visitor will actually read your post or not. It’s the only impression you’ll make on a prospective reader and we know that first impression matters a lot.

It’s obvious that you’ve been hearing this all the time and you will still be hearing it until you start practising it. So if you want your blog posts to always be received as an interesting one by your readers and first time visitors, you will have to start practising how to write better and sexy headlines…..Period:).

2.Write Attention Grabbing Introduction: The introductory paragraph of your posts is also as important as the headline because a good headline mixed with a lame opening is as good as nothing. It’s just like inviting someone into your house only to close the door right on their face as they’re about to enter.

This illustrates that if a visitor is enticed by your headline and then discovered that your introduction sucks, he will simply close the tab and go elsewhere.  Therefore, you must try as much as you can to capture the readers imagination and pull them deeper into the article.

3.Create Gorgeous Sub-heads: Using large blocks of texts are always unfriendly to readers attention and can something turn a reader into a scanner but with good sub-heads, you will be able to turn scanners back into readers.

4.Tell Seductive Stories: There is always power in story telling especially when it’s interesting. This will always make reading your content much more fun. Who doesn’t like reading good and funny stories? You can ask my friend Emmanuel Cudjoe how to do that:).


5.Write in Your Own Words: The worst thing that can happen to any human being is being unnatural. People will easily spot it if you do so, you should always write like you speak. This will make your posts to appear more authentic and natural.

6.Write Amazing Sentences: When we’re writing anything, it always begins and ends with a sentence and if you want to become a great writer then, you must learn to write great sentences. Remember, great people are ordinary people that do small things in great and extra-ordinary ways. Your sentences must not be full of irrelevances, they just have to say the write things.

7.Use Persuasive Words: When it comes to writing, certain words holds power over our decision making process than others. It is now your duty to dig out and understand why these words are persuasive and, you must make use of them in the contexts that makes sense for your audience and business.

8.Use an Eye Catching Images: We’ve all heard the saying that An image is worth more than a thousand words right? So while writing, why not let some relevant images to do some of the talking for you? What I’m actually saying here is that you should always use good images that will add more meaning to your articles when writing. This will also help to beautify the content the more.

9.Focus more on what they stand to lose: Yea, I know this one might sound strange to you but from research, I’ve discovered that most people are always afraid and careful of losing what they have more than they are in getting new ones.

You might not believe this but it’s true. Majority of the wealthy men out there are more careful not to lose the money they’ve acquired than they are in acquiring new ones.

For example, when you write a headline that says…….

You will lose all your email subscribers if you fail to do this simple assignment


Do this little assignment and you will get more people to your email list.

Now, do you know that in most cases, people will respond to the first headline more than the second? This is because they don’t want to lose the list they worked so hard to gain so, why not use this to your advantage while writing? I’m sure now understood what I’m trying to say now.

10.Make Use Of Proper Bullet Points.

11. Always Close in a Grand Style: The main goal of effective writing is to take a reader to a very lively information ride say from point A to point G. So the key to a successful ending is being aware of exactly the direction you want to take the reader even before you write a word.

I rest my case.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts on matters like this so, lets further the discussion on the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and do not forget to share this post with your friends.

Happy new week:)

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About Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is a full time Blogger and Freelance writer. He is the founder of many businesses among which is Top Blogging Coach where he teaches young and would be Entrepreneurs how to create a lasting Internet Business and quit their daily work. Visit his blog and learn many ways you can improve your blogging experience. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.


  1. They do have these things in common however most people who share articles are loyal readers in my opinion.
    Regarding images in posts, they are also very good for SEO if use proper alt atribute. Unique writing style, yeah definitely helps.
    See you next time buddy!
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home? (LEGIT)My Profile

  2. HI Theodore,

    I agree with all that you wrote – these are indeed the important ingredients that we need to create a perfect post, though some bloggers just don’t care as much as they are supposed to while writing their posts. I think the foremost is the killer headlines, which would drive readers to your blog, if you have those, half your battle is won. Yes, images can speak volumes, and if you are good in your selection, they can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog too. Pinterest is one such place that needs to be tapped for this. I used to get a lot of traffic from my Blogger blog long time back, thanks to the images I shared – more traffic because of that than my content surprisingly, though it all changed once I moved to WordPress – tables turned.

    I think if you write for your readers, or things to help them, you get people flocking your blog too, and that’s another addition I think bloggers should keep in mind, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…SYPS: 8 Types of Blogging Problems That Bloggers FaceMy Profile

  3. Miliee Cyrus

    Quite simple and much more understanding concepts.. tnx for the article
    Miliee Cyrus recently posted…Best 10 Richest World Soccer Players in Year 2014My Profile

  4. This is what I call preaching what you do! Your headlines simply says you know what you are talking about here!

    I actually love #11 best, close in a grand style. The truth is that most readers will only read the introductory paragraph, skim the main content and then read the closing. So, if you can pack a punch with your closing you would have done a great service to your blog post.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted…Shocking Truth About Blogging In 2014: Evolve or Go Extinct!My Profile

  5. Yes boss! I sincerely do concur with all of those points you’ve raised. Channeling out great headlines are one of those things I very work upon as well.

    With respect to how I channel out those seductive stories, I simply can’t tell. They just flow in. Hahaha! Thanks man, for the mention.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Do you need Traffic? Please get it Here!My Profile

  6. Miliee Cyrus

    Well.. The presentation sounds like something new to me.. <3 nice works vro….
    Miliee Cyrus recently posted…Best 10 Deodorants For Men in 2014My Profile

  7. Great points, Theo!

    I realize the importance of things like titles, headlines and intros, but I rarely spent much time crafting them…I just like to go with the flow. See what comes to my mind and use it (I have been more careful recently, especially with the titles).

    I hate re-editing because it compels me to change entire paragraphs (like I mentioned, the flow). I am not sure whether it’s actually helpful, but it feels great (not to worry too much about these things), at least in my mind.

    But, I realize the importance of these things…like you mentioned, titles are the first thing people look at…if they are not intrigued, they probably won’t check the post (no matter how useful it could be – then again, without reading the post, they would never know how useful it could be).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing these wonderful tips 🙂 I hope you are doing well!
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted…Quantifying your blog: What matters?My Profile

  8. Hi Theodore,

    Great post! I concur with you regarding the above points. The title is super important in order to grab the readers, attention, and all of the other keys you gave are a must to make sure readers read the entire post and and then go share the content.
    Amiti recently posted…Social Media Blogging Tips for Top BloggersMy Profile

  9. Thanks for the article Theodore. Making posts easy to read and scan is definitely important. Avoiding long paragraphs, using subheaders, bold text, and bulleted lists can help.
    Marc recently posted…10 Fantastic Email Marketing Tips from the ExpertsMy Profile

  10. Hello Theodore,
    Very informative guide designing your blog posts. You are very right that headlines and catchy images have a huge impact on it. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

    Have a great day 🙂

  11. Hi Theodore,
    Sure all these are needed in a blog. Title is the number one attraction to any post and you have done it since yours ‘Top 11 Important Ingredients Every Blog Post Cannot Survive Without (You’ll Love #1 & 9)’ really pulled me. I had to read your post. then the introduction is another one. hoewever, any blogger should know that after title and intro message the body need some good nutrients for it to be better.

  12. Very nice!! there is so much information on this blog keep posting good information like this so that I can come back every day for some new info

  13. I am new in blogging but i must say that this is a great article for me.. thanks for sharing this post with us.

  14. Hello Theo – Wow you have shared the important items that we need to focus on while writing a post to make it successful. I think the eye catchy headline plays an important role which is what the reader sees first and if we have magnetic title then you have invited the readers and to have them stay we need to focus on writing killer content. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

  15. Hi,
    Great article. I agree with all your tips. I am working on trying to improve my Call to Action.
    Janice Wald recently posted…Weekly Link Roundup #5My Profile


  1. 11 Must Have Ingredients Every Blog Post Cannot Survive Without (You’ll Love #1 & 9)

    The truth is that if you take a look at all the blog posts on the internet today that got lots of shares and even comment, you will see that they all have few things in common…. Find out those things..

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